Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Busy busy busy lil bumble bee. (:

Pity Desires-ress! I'm feeling so busy way up to my neck just cos' a lot of things are happening around me and I'm so seriously affected by them! An incident made me developed a phobia against public toilets. ): Not gonna say more, all are some unhappy incidents which I hope to forget.

He told me his name was Alan. I was staring right at his croutch when he was asking for my name. He was my new lecturer, who just started teaching only today. (: I was looking at him & passing eye winks to him throughout the lesson. I couldn't wait for lesson to be finished so I could know more about this hunk. While submitting our worksheets, I slipped a lil note into my worksheet. "I think I need extra "lessons" for today's theory lessons. I couldn't concentrate cos you're hogging up my mind. (:"

He looked at me with surprised eyes, and craving for me at the same time. He dismissed the class almost immediately, and asked for me to stay back. He then locked the classroom, and told me to sit on the teacher's table. He asked me if I had any questions about his theory lessons while stroking my thighs. I whispered in his ears,"Mr Alan, why is your pants look as though they're very tight? Don't you feel uncomfortable?" With no warnings, I reached for his zip to unzip his files.

His dick was so ready, so hard-on. He was craving for me as much as I'm craving for him. I began stroking his dick up & down, while rubbing my wet lil pussy at the same time. He took the hint & rubbed my pussy for me. His fingers were slowly exploring my pussy, enjoying every moment he's spending with her. I stopped him a few minutes later and rested him on his arm-chair. (: I rubbed his dick slowly and began to lick his dick's hole. I could taste his cum on my tongue, while continuing licking & sucking his prized dick.

He couldn't hold back any longer but moan. I teased him by stopping after he had moaned so sensually. I then lied on his table, with my legs spread apart revealing my wet pussy. He knew what to do and reached down to taste my pussy which he longed for so much. His tongue toying with my clit, sucking it hard. He began licking my so hard that I couldn't take it but moaned out loud too. (: He knew what I meant when I moaned that loud. (:

He placed me properly on his desk. Slowly rubbing his dick on my clit. It didn't took him very long to find my love hole that he loved. He inserted his huge dick into my tight pussy slowly. Then when we're both starting to feel comfortable, he started pumping my harder & harder. I started moaning loudly and I thought I heard him moan too. It wasn't so clear but I got my answers a moment later. (: He was moaning as loud as I were. I could feel that I'm cumming really soon. I hold his back tightly, intisgating him to go faster and faster. Then ... ... ... ... ...

*POOF* I woke up finding myself lying on my own bed. ): I couldn't hold back but scolded vulgarities at everything I saw that morning.

Alan, you should know who are you. (: I'm longing for your huge dick. (: *Sly wink.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I'm really sooooo sorry. ):

Hellos lovely readers. (:

I'm so sorry for not updating for such a long time. I'm kinda busy working & sorting all sorts of nonsense. A number of people all are asking me about my Beloved. Sad to say, I won't be updating things about him anymore. Simply cos' he'd broken my heart so deeply. So I shall forgot all about him and carry on with everything. Thanks for all the concern everyone. (: I went home at about 2am every morning and find myself playing with myself. So, I decided to find more fun.

I went to find my ex boyfriend who ditched me months ago. I texted him on Wednesday night, saying that I misses making love with him. And I got a reply almost immediately. (: He replied saying that his house's empty right now, and he needed company for the night. So I wait no longer and cabbed to his house. (: His parents are not at home and there's the both of us, getting all naughty and steamy in his bedroom. Anyway, I shall name him K. (:

He's wearing just a sexy boxer, standing right in front of me. I couldn't wait any longer but to kiss him passionately. Whispering that I misses his huge dick in his ears. He started tugging and pulling my top, while he's still french kissing me so seductively. His hands started slipping into my top, toying with my bra's hook. He took not much effort to unhook it. (: I started rubbing his croutch, they way I knew he loved it. I motioned him to stand up, while I started pulling down his boxers. Revealing his huge and thick dick, which I longed for him to insert me after so many months.

He lied on his bed, while waiting for his favourite blowjob by Yours truly ever. I started rubbing up and down, toying with his dick & teasing him. He couldn't take it any longer and he tossed me another side with my wet pussy facing him. He rubbed my clitoris slowly and started fingering me. He then started licking my wet lil pussy hungrily. I started moaning at first, soft enough to let K hear that I'm enjoying with him having his supper. I began throat fucking his dick real hard. I heard his soft moans too. It then arouse me more.

I licked & suck his dick head, while I'm rubbing his lower part of his dick with my both hands. He carried me up, resting me on his laps and kissed my breast. He smiled at me, saying that he misses my pussy as much as I've missed his dick. (: He rubbed my clitoris upwards before inserting his huge dick into my tight pussy. He's banging hard into my pussy, cherishing every minutes that he had with me before his parents came back. I could feel my pussy giving way for his huge dick. He's pumping me harder and harder till he cum. He cum full into my pussy, and I licked his dick clean to save the trouble. (: *Yums.

I wanna to find just someone to go to a movie marathon with. ): At the same time, I'm still finding a life partner. (: Well, maybe people who are interested can email me with more information of yourselves!

Desires-ress's feeling so god damn lonely. ):

Sunday, 4 January 2009


I'm sorry for not updating. ): I just don't have the mood to do so. Sighs. Beloved's still not back yet. ):

Maybe, I should start finding a life partner. (: