Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Gosh guys. I think I won't be able to meet a number of you for weeks. I'm really very sick and will be heading off to the hospital soon for an operation. It all happened few weeks ago. I was feeling very sick and went to see a doctor to consult my pain. The doctor said that there are white spots being spotted in my throat. Right the at door of my wind pipe. The "doors" are swollen and filled with white spots. The doctor then prescribed antibiotics for me and told me to rest. After I finished my course of antibiotics, the pain subsided and the white spots are gone too. Just 1 week later, which is the week before last, the pain came back and I spotted white spots again. The doctor prescribe another dose of antibiotics for me and warned to really take care. Cos if it didn't subside or it came back once more, I'll be going to head to the hospital for an op to remove it. After the 2nd course of antibiotics, I recovered. And I thought I'll be alright. Just today, the pain is there with me again, and there are again, the white spots. ): So I'll just accept it and go to the hospital as I'm told. I'll miss you guys. Loves (L).

Fuck the white spots, mother fucker. ):

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hey guys! Oh my, I'm feeling oh so tired. A lot of you guys are asking me whether I'm closing down my blog or what. I can only say, I won't disappoint you guys! :D Even after my "exposure", I didn't lose any readers. But in fact, readers are getting more and more. And I'm receiving an average of 20 emails per day. Thanks so much for the support guys! :D I didn't update cos I was really lazy to update. But mind it you guys. I've started meeting a number of my readers already. (: I can only say almost all lead to a spanking & sweaty good session. And I love it so much! Haha. But oh well. Loneliness is getting the best out of me. I'm kinda craving for a stable boyfriend! Haha. But judging from all my readers, they ain't interested. So, oh well. :D Ain't gonna say much anymore, I've got tons of assignments to complete. But, I ain't too busy for pleasure & fun! Especially sexually.

God, send me a potential BF to me now!