Saturday, 31 October 2009

Chapter 1, Tip #1 -

A mere introduction of the book.

"REDBOOK'S 500 Sex Tips - How to make sex more exciting, satisfying & fun."

Make SEX steamier and sweeter, now & forever.

With these super tips for great sex, it's easy to satisfy each other, whether you're looking to try a new twist or take a hot risk. REDBOOK reveals 500 fun ways to keep the heat in your relationship. Do you want to know how to dress, talk and think in a more risque way? Get your guy's / girl's erotic engine humming? Find positions that will leave you both breathless? Try a few of these creative ideas and watch the temperature rise.

Chapter 1: 10 things you've been taught about sex that aren't true!

Tip #1
False fact: Sex should be an earth-moving, angels-singing experience.
Reality check: Sometimes, sex is just sex.

So you shot for an Oscar-worthy performance, but it ended up more like straight-to-video. Maybe one of you didn't cross the finish line, or got a foot cramp (I had this once, and believe me, it's truly a turn off. So remember to always do some lil warm ups before making love!), or had Did I take out the recy-cling? spinning through your head nonstop. Hey, it happens. The strongest couples take these off-nights in stride - and definitely don't wait until the planets are perfectly aligned to try again (Because honestly, how often do planets do that?). As a consolation prize, accept that even mediocre sex had its benefits. Maybe it resulted in a good laugh-and-cuddle afterward, or enabled you to burn off some energy and get a good night's sleep. That's worth something, don't you think?

Actually to say the truth, a bad love making session do spoils my day. Even though overall I took it as an extra experience gained, I never fail to feel bad about it. Other than the foot cramp I mentioned, there were times far worst than foot cramps. It occurs when I was giving the guy a earth-shaking BJ that every guy craved for. I always had this tlinging sensation in my gums after BJ-ing for quite a while. Normally after the tlinging sensation, I got turned off and wanted to end everything hastily. It can appear to be a real turn of for both the guy and me. So, do warm up a lil like I advised and you'll find out that after warming up, everything will appear different!

PS; Other than my own views, every word is taken from "REDBOOK'S 500 Sex Tips©". If you guys do find the English too hard to understand, do comment and I'll simplify their English in my next post.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hey sexy.

I know I know! Stop complaining guys, I know it'd been a long time since I last updated. I'm just sorting out some tips & notes to update in the near future. But as for today, I have a link to share. :)

A new blog shop opened by a friend. Do patronize ok! :)

PS; This time, I've included my FaceBook's badge.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I've decided! Credits to my friend for deciding the decision for me! Haha. From now onwards, I won't be posting about my past experience anymore. Instead, I'll post lots & lots of sex tips for you guys! But maybe occationally, I'll post a lil bit about my past experience of the tip I've giving for that post. Haha. You guys like the idea?

With ♥, Desires-ress.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Hey guys, thanks much for all of your concerns. I'm feeling a lot better even though not yet fully recovered. Sorry to say that I haven't been replying your emails or smses. Happened so much recently that I just wanna to sit down and think back quietly. And I'm still debating with myself, thinking what I truly wanted. And the results may cause me to close down this blog, but I haven't really know what I really wanted. But I suppose, I'm just like any other ordinary girls. I know these are all nonsensical thought and you guys think that I'm childish. But to me, it may be a great break-through. From the moment once I've decided what to do, I'll swear that I'll change my life for the better.

With (L), Desires-ress♥

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Gosh guys. I think I won't be able to meet a number of you for weeks. I'm really very sick and will be heading off to the hospital soon for an operation. It all happened few weeks ago. I was feeling very sick and went to see a doctor to consult my pain. The doctor said that there are white spots being spotted in my throat. Right the at door of my wind pipe. The "doors" are swollen and filled with white spots. The doctor then prescribed antibiotics for me and told me to rest. After I finished my course of antibiotics, the pain subsided and the white spots are gone too. Just 1 week later, which is the week before last, the pain came back and I spotted white spots again. The doctor prescribe another dose of antibiotics for me and warned to really take care. Cos if it didn't subside or it came back once more, I'll be going to head to the hospital for an op to remove it. After the 2nd course of antibiotics, I recovered. And I thought I'll be alright. Just today, the pain is there with me again, and there are again, the white spots. ): So I'll just accept it and go to the hospital as I'm told. I'll miss you guys. Loves (L).

Fuck the white spots, mother fucker. ):

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hey guys! Oh my, I'm feeling oh so tired. A lot of you guys are asking me whether I'm closing down my blog or what. I can only say, I won't disappoint you guys! :D Even after my "exposure", I didn't lose any readers. But in fact, readers are getting more and more. And I'm receiving an average of 20 emails per day. Thanks so much for the support guys! :D I didn't update cos I was really lazy to update. But mind it you guys. I've started meeting a number of my readers already. (: I can only say almost all lead to a spanking & sweaty good session. And I love it so much! Haha. But oh well. Loneliness is getting the best out of me. I'm kinda craving for a stable boyfriend! Haha. But judging from all my readers, they ain't interested. So, oh well. :D Ain't gonna say much anymore, I've got tons of assignments to complete. But, I ain't too busy for pleasure & fun! Especially sexually.

God, send me a potential BF to me now!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

My decision.

I apologise for not updating for so long. I'm here blogging today with a decision I made and I want you guys to be here to tell me, whether to continue blogging or not. (: As many guys fatasized, I may be a perfect pretty babe in your mind. But mind you, what I really am. I'm actually a very plump lady. I'm trying to be honest here so as not to disappoint you guys. I spent days to get to this decision. So, if you guys are not into "BABY-ELEPHANTS", you're free to go. But thanks for the support you guys have given me so far. (: And to know so much more friends around, I'm contented already. But to assure you, all my entries are real. Just that I got very lucky since then to be able to find guys to satisfy my needs as I satisfied theirs. So, do leave a comment for me to tell me. You're leaving my blog or continue to be a reader of my blog. Then judging from the numbers, I'll decide again to continue blogging or just to close down my blog. (:

I do hope everyone of you who read this update comment.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sex desires satisfied. (:

You guys know?! Single life is really really so fun for me! I love being single! :D I can go anywhere, do anything. Whatever I wanted! Just like yesterday. (: I was having my holidays now since 2 weeks ago. So yesterday, I invited my neighbour over for some fun. :x I've been noticing him since he moved in 2 years ago. Although he's a malay, I must admit that he is attactive! So well, I decided to get all sweaty and naughty with him. (:

I texted him saying that I'm alone at home and that I'm feeling oh so lonely. He rushed over almost immediately. I couldn't help but just keep on staring at the buldge below. Oh my, he's even cuter when he appeared in front of my doorstep. As I'm at my own house, my attire was kept simple. (: I was only wearing an oversized old T-Shirt with no bras and a hotpants without my undies. I guessed that he knew cos I caught him staring dreamily on my 38C boobs. So I wait no longer and invited him into my house.

He started the conversation when we were surfing some english channels on the TV. My hands never left his thighs while we're talking the whole time. And once or few times, I accidentally brushed against his crouch. Oh my, he was feeling oh so hard already! I told him that I was feeling sleepy and offered him to join me in my room. He agreed immediately and holded my hand, walking towards my room. He sat beside me when I'm lying on the bed. He started patting me to sleep. He made me feel oh so secured with him around.

I hugged his waist and leveled my head with his. I kissed him sweetly and gently. He returned my kiss passionately. He then whispered in my ears gently that he wants me. I knew I couldn't wait anymore. It's been so long since I last had someone. I knew deep down inside my heart, I need him that much too. So I climbed over him. Letting him have the full view of me while I'm stripping my clothes off. His hands are already moving around me, enjoying the touch of me.

I continued kissing him seductively and passionately while pulling down his shorts. To my surprise, he wasn't wearing underwear too! It made me feel even hotter. I began rubbing his crouch. He was moaning so softly that it's turning me on. He pushed my head down gently indicating that he wants a blowjob so badly. So, I decided to give him a blowjob that he longed so much. I was licking his dick from his balls till his dick's head. He started by moaning softly so I decided to venture more. I fitted his dick into my mouth, while licking his dick's hole. He was enjoying so much that he was starting to moan loudly. I squeezed his balls while sucking and licking his hardened dick. He motioned me into 69 and began touching my pussy. He spread out my pussy and show my clit towards his mouth.

He rubbed my clit lightly and was fingering me. It's a wonder how his fingers work on my pussy and clit. I was feeling so good that I started moaning. He said he liked the way I moaned, as it sounds sexy to him. He couldn't be satisfied with just my blowjob anymore, so he motioned me to move infront of him. And potisioned me for a nice and hot doggy fuck. I was feeling oh so sexcited! He began pounding me so hard, making those sexy "Pok pok pok" sounds while fucking me. That's the reason why I loved doggy style so much. (: Those sounds are turning me on. He's really banging me so hard that I could feel my pussy juices are flowing down my thighs. Then he motioned me to lie on my bed on my back, and continued fucking my so hard. While banging me, we were kissing passionately. I was really enjoying his tongue. He plucked up all of his energy and was giving me his hardest and best fuck for the last 5 minutes. Everymove he made, he was fondling with my breast. And after that 5 minutes, we cum together. (: And he rolled off me and ended everything with sweet kisses from my lips to my neck. Aww, I'm looking forward to his second visit into my pussy. (:

I just wanna to start my exotic sexually charged life! :D

Monday, 6 April 2009

I'm back!

Hey guys! After all these setbacks, I'm back! I understand truly how much you guys misses me! I misses you guys as much as you missed me. (: As for Jyrm. Guys, don't blame him. He scolded the sense out of me. And I appreciate it a lot. (: He's right, no use getting all so sad for nothing. I should stand back on my own feet, I'm the only one who could help myself. So, here I am, back in blogging. I shall look harder for anymore spices that I can get, and enjoy my life to the fullest. ^^ As in satisfying my sex-hungriness. :x So, I shall update a lickinglicious good update soon! I LOVE you guys! :D

Ps; I'm kinda intersted in the Singapore's Edision Chen, Gary Ng. :D

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It's still the same.

I just don't understand. What is wrong in loving someone that much? I really just don't understand one bit of it. All I want to have is, having someone who loves me as much as I loved him. But it ain't coming true at all. All I got was heartache, heartache and more heartache. And all I can do is just to scribble his name everywhere that I can see. Sighs.

I just really hate it. I've totally lost hope in my life.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sick. ):

I'm so totally god damned sick. But I just couldn't make out what illness I'm suffering from! Is it a tummy upset? Or a flu? Or what, I really don't know! And the more you guys console me, the more I really feel like crying! ): No one understands how I feel now.

I need a long long long long long sleep, forever.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Does crying helps? If yes, I would cry a sea for him. ): He don't understands how important he is in my heart.

Overall: My heart aches.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Gosh, I guess I couldn't find anymore things to update or to interest me anymore. I'm just so god damn tired of everything. ): Well anyway, my friend just opened a blogshop. Hopefully you guys will give her your support ya? :D

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Valentines' day BABY!

Aloha readers! It's gonna to be Valentines' soon! Are you guys preparing to go anywhere with your sweethearts? Had lil cupid angel visit you already? My oh my, something tells Desires-ress that you all had been bad boys & girls! As for me, my only Valentines' hope is to recieve more naughty toys! Anyone who is interested in sending me some naughty toys, will be rewarded by Yours turly! I'll personally test out the toy that you've bought for me! With you guys of course. (: Anyone who is really really interested, can email me to get my mail address to send me some naughty toys! I'll really appreciate it! :D I'm sure you guys are somewhat tempted already. (: So, feel free to email me! I'm tempted too!

Desires-ress is so in love with you guys. *Sends a flying kiss* Muacks. :D

Monday, 9 February 2009

Msn? :]

Well, I forgotten to post something very important. Many of you guys are asking for my msn. But my own msn is purely for my close friends. So, I created another one for you guys. (: You can add me at msn and catch me online! But, you guys are strongly encouraged to send emails to my gmail. It'll be easier for me. :x

I really love you guys. (:

I'm finding more spices! ]:

Aww. Another boring day for the Desires-ress. I decided to surf the net and find some interesting things to blog about. Otherwise, I'll start recieving complains emails that my blog's getting dead! Well, I found a very interesting video at youtube. I think it might be great to share with all of you. (:

It's so hilarious please! It really perks up my boring day a lil. (: And another song I'm addicted to recently, Love to be loved by you - Marc Terenzi. He's so handsome! Listening to his song, touched my heart. *Drools*

I want a man like him. ): Or rather, I need a man like him. Well, as for yesterday's post, I said I accepted photos from you guys. So far, I've only recieved 1 photo! So disappointing. Looking at the healthy number my counter is hitting, I've only recieved 1 picture! Aww. ): Hmm, updates about my scandals and experiences, I'll update at a later time. I just doesn't have the mood to update something so horny right now. ):

I love you guys. (:

Sunday, 8 February 2009

M.I.A? ]:

Desires-ress isn't finding any drive to update. Anyone spice up my life please? Well, today's the 8th of feb. Which means that Valentines' day is only 6 days away! Had my readers been good boys / girls? Lil cupid angel will visit you tonight to find it out for Yours truly! Then lil cupid can decide for me to reward who in time to come! To say the truth, I'm feeling so moodless recently at home. I couldn't find any source of entertainment everynight. So, I'm kinda looking forward to Valentines', but I'm still finding someone to go out with. Although lots of people do wanna to accompany me, I can't find the suitable person though.

Maybe you guys could give me more comments about whether to continue blogging or just quit and heck care. (:

Caught this movie yesterday. It's rather funny but too dramatic. Overall, I wasted $10 for watching this. I think it'll be better if I bought pirated VCD from Msia to watch this. *Disappointed*

Desires-ress accept pictures of you guys. Any pictures you wanna send / show me would be accepted! (: *Cross heart* I won't show it to anyone except my lustful eyes. (: (Best if it's pictures of you guys' dick!) Haha!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Busy busy busy lil bumble bee. (:

Pity Desires-ress! I'm feeling so busy way up to my neck just cos' a lot of things are happening around me and I'm so seriously affected by them! An incident made me developed a phobia against public toilets. ): Not gonna say more, all are some unhappy incidents which I hope to forget.

He told me his name was Alan. I was staring right at his croutch when he was asking for my name. He was my new lecturer, who just started teaching only today. (: I was looking at him & passing eye winks to him throughout the lesson. I couldn't wait for lesson to be finished so I could know more about this hunk. While submitting our worksheets, I slipped a lil note into my worksheet. "I think I need extra "lessons" for today's theory lessons. I couldn't concentrate cos you're hogging up my mind. (:"

He looked at me with surprised eyes, and craving for me at the same time. He dismissed the class almost immediately, and asked for me to stay back. He then locked the classroom, and told me to sit on the teacher's table. He asked me if I had any questions about his theory lessons while stroking my thighs. I whispered in his ears,"Mr Alan, why is your pants look as though they're very tight? Don't you feel uncomfortable?" With no warnings, I reached for his zip to unzip his files.

His dick was so ready, so hard-on. He was craving for me as much as I'm craving for him. I began stroking his dick up & down, while rubbing my wet lil pussy at the same time. He took the hint & rubbed my pussy for me. His fingers were slowly exploring my pussy, enjoying every moment he's spending with her. I stopped him a few minutes later and rested him on his arm-chair. (: I rubbed his dick slowly and began to lick his dick's hole. I could taste his cum on my tongue, while continuing licking & sucking his prized dick.

He couldn't hold back any longer but moan. I teased him by stopping after he had moaned so sensually. I then lied on his table, with my legs spread apart revealing my wet pussy. He knew what to do and reached down to taste my pussy which he longed for so much. His tongue toying with my clit, sucking it hard. He began licking my so hard that I couldn't take it but moaned out loud too. (: He knew what I meant when I moaned that loud. (:

He placed me properly on his desk. Slowly rubbing his dick on my clit. It didn't took him very long to find my love hole that he loved. He inserted his huge dick into my tight pussy slowly. Then when we're both starting to feel comfortable, he started pumping my harder & harder. I started moaning loudly and I thought I heard him moan too. It wasn't so clear but I got my answers a moment later. (: He was moaning as loud as I were. I could feel that I'm cumming really soon. I hold his back tightly, intisgating him to go faster and faster. Then ... ... ... ... ...

*POOF* I woke up finding myself lying on my own bed. ): I couldn't hold back but scolded vulgarities at everything I saw that morning.

Alan, you should know who are you. (: I'm longing for your huge dick. (: *Sly wink.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I'm really sooooo sorry. ):

Hellos lovely readers. (:

I'm so sorry for not updating for such a long time. I'm kinda busy working & sorting all sorts of nonsense. A number of people all are asking me about my Beloved. Sad to say, I won't be updating things about him anymore. Simply cos' he'd broken my heart so deeply. So I shall forgot all about him and carry on with everything. Thanks for all the concern everyone. (: I went home at about 2am every morning and find myself playing with myself. So, I decided to find more fun.

I went to find my ex boyfriend who ditched me months ago. I texted him on Wednesday night, saying that I misses making love with him. And I got a reply almost immediately. (: He replied saying that his house's empty right now, and he needed company for the night. So I wait no longer and cabbed to his house. (: His parents are not at home and there's the both of us, getting all naughty and steamy in his bedroom. Anyway, I shall name him K. (:

He's wearing just a sexy boxer, standing right in front of me. I couldn't wait any longer but to kiss him passionately. Whispering that I misses his huge dick in his ears. He started tugging and pulling my top, while he's still french kissing me so seductively. His hands started slipping into my top, toying with my bra's hook. He took not much effort to unhook it. (: I started rubbing his croutch, they way I knew he loved it. I motioned him to stand up, while I started pulling down his boxers. Revealing his huge and thick dick, which I longed for him to insert me after so many months.

He lied on his bed, while waiting for his favourite blowjob by Yours truly ever. I started rubbing up and down, toying with his dick & teasing him. He couldn't take it any longer and he tossed me another side with my wet pussy facing him. He rubbed my clitoris slowly and started fingering me. He then started licking my wet lil pussy hungrily. I started moaning at first, soft enough to let K hear that I'm enjoying with him having his supper. I began throat fucking his dick real hard. I heard his soft moans too. It then arouse me more.

I licked & suck his dick head, while I'm rubbing his lower part of his dick with my both hands. He carried me up, resting me on his laps and kissed my breast. He smiled at me, saying that he misses my pussy as much as I've missed his dick. (: He rubbed my clitoris upwards before inserting his huge dick into my tight pussy. He's banging hard into my pussy, cherishing every minutes that he had with me before his parents came back. I could feel my pussy giving way for his huge dick. He's pumping me harder and harder till he cum. He cum full into my pussy, and I licked his dick clean to save the trouble. (: *Yums.

I wanna to find just someone to go to a movie marathon with. ): At the same time, I'm still finding a life partner. (: Well, maybe people who are interested can email me with more information of yourselves!

Desires-ress's feeling so god damn lonely. ):

Sunday, 4 January 2009


I'm sorry for not updating. ): I just don't have the mood to do so. Sighs. Beloved's still not back yet. ):

Maybe, I should start finding a life partner. (: