Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I'm feeling dead.

As the title says so, I'm sorry readers. ): I promised to update yesterday but I was very busy. Even I updated today, I don't really know what can I update. I've not had sex for 3 freaking days. ): Beloved went back to New Zealand to visit his parents. He invited me to go over too, but I just can't seem to take the time off to travel with him. Although I do fantasize having steaming hot sex in the plane's toilet with Beloved, I still can't bring myself to go. So these few days, I walked aimlessly at night on the streets without Beloved.

I reached home at about 3am. I was really feeling very tired, but I can't seem to fall asleep. I decided to lie on my bed and surf the internet. It wasn't long for my internet explorer to load some pornography websites I used to surf. Looking at them makes me craving for Beloved's sensual touch. I then went to the toilet to took off my undies & bra. I went back to continue watching the videos. Before long, I fished out my all-time favourite vibrating dildo.

I began rubbing my wet pussy and hard clitoris. They're all craving for Beloved. I started moaning softly at first, I couldn't take my mind off Beloved. I'm pushing my dildo way deep into my pussy. I'm pleasuring myself so much that I began moaning louder and louder. I rubbed my clitoris at the same time, I'm driving myself high up into the skies. I couldn't stop my hands from pleasuring my poor lil pussy. It didn't take long for me to cum all over my bed. (: And I slept on my cum-full waterbed. Ah~

I wanted to catch this movie cos' I heard very good comments about this movie. But I just can't seem to find even 1 of my friends to watch it with me. ): And Beloved is at New Zealand. Sighs~

I miss Beloved so much.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Busy day.

Hellos readers. (:

Desires-ress is a very busy woman today. My friend's relative's getting married. And I'm there to accompany my friend. The bride's very pretty though, but I'm even prettier. :x So, Desires-ress will blog tomorrow ~ Rushing to the bride's house now. (:

Friday, 26 December 2008

The best X'mas ever. (:

Ah~ I simply love Christmas, don't you? I update only today cos' I was out the whole night. Partying with some of my online friends and pals. We were actually supposed to went over to another guy's house for a X'mas party. But sadly, his sisters took over his place and invited their friends. So we changed our plans to go to Clark Quay instead. We drank at a local pub and decided that it was boring. We needed to spice up our night. Or the Desires-ress me, would be bored to death. We agreed on playing our all-time favourite, True Or Dare. And, Beloved was there too! I couldn't stop thinking all we've done tat day.

I first spinned the bottle, and it stopped, pointing its head at me. So Beloved ask for a true/dare. I said a dare, of course. He dared my to kiss my girlfriend, which I did. I toyed with her tongue, licking it gently and sucking her lips. Although I love making out with a man, girls' kisses are so gentle and sweet. I ended our kiss with one gentle one on her lips. I spinned the bottle again. This time, pointing at Alfred. Beloved changed the rule a little, we're only suppose to choose dare. (: I love Beloved for changing it. So we dared Alfred to do light petting with Kelly. I find myself rubbing my pussy a lil while watching them. Kelly started moaning softly, while I find Beloved's hand on my thigh. He started moving up and down on my thigh. I started feeling hot & ticklish down at my pussy.

So we stopped playing at that time. I kissed Beloved passionately. I love the way his kisses are moving down to my breast, and my hardened nipples. He loves teasing them the way I loved it too. With him licking my nipples, my right hand went down for his dick while my left one's rubbing my pussy. It's a whole new experience I'm having with Beloved. I turned my face to the left, realising Kelly's face is near me. She grabbed my face for a sensual french kiss while Alfred's licking her pussy. I couldn't stop but moaning right in Kelly's mouth. Her breath smelt great. I reached down for Beloved's dick and began rubbing his dick. I could smell bits of his cum right there. So, he was leaking all along. (: No wonder Beloved winked at me just now. I lick the top of his dick, tasting his cum. Yum, his cum tasted so good in my mouth. Beloved once said he loved my blowjob. Remembering that, I began licking and sucking his dick. I love hearing Beloved moaning, I think he sounds sexy to me. (: My pussy couldn't take it anymore longer and began dripping juice all over Beloved's foot.

He wait no longer, he stripped my totally. He smiled at me before inserting deep into my pussy. I let out a seductive moan, only to seducing him to fuck me even faster & deeper. He's still so hard as ever. He began banging me so hard that I was shouting my head off. He was shouting my name when he was banging me. *Winks. (I'm feeling wet just thinking about it now. (:) This time, Beloved decided to anal me. I could feel my anal splitting apart & making way for his huge erected dick. And, Beloved cum in my nice ass. (:

My undies are wet now. (:

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Christmas Eve full of cum. (:

Hello readers. (:

I'm currently at my friend's house blogging sexcitedly. Firstly, I wish all readers a cum-full X'mas eve. Do you enjoy your eve as much as I do? And I can't wait to share what Beloved and me did today. Remember I said I was supposed to meet one of my online friend today? Well, yes I did. I met him at his house's nearest MRT station.

I wore a mini-skirt today and a halter-neck top. And I'm not wearing any undies behind my tight mini-skirt. While waiting for him to reach the MRT station, I couldn't wait any longer. I walked to the nearest toilet with my pussy dripping wet juice all around my thighs. I walked to the last cubicle of the public toilet, and closed the door shut. After closing the door, I immediately sat on the toilet bowl with the cover on. I need not take out any undies as I'm not wearing one. I began rubbing my clitoris softly, while trying not to moan too loud. My thumb's rubbing my clit, while I'm fingering with my middle finger. It really feels so good, there's nothing to be compared to masturbation. I know how my clit wanted to be pleasured. I continued rubbing, rubbing so hard that I couldn't hold back but squirting out. I rested for awhile in the cubicle when he called me, and told me that he'd reach already. So I went out to meet him with my undies-less pussy.

There I saw him. He's about 1.85cm tall, tanned tone and a well built body. Oh, how I craved for him. And I realised another factor, he's a caucasian! I'm so fucking dreading for his sexy body and his huge dick. I asked where was him from originally. He said he migrated to Singapore from New Zealand about 2 years ago. I'm thanking myself for being so lucky to meet this New Zea guy. So we walked about 15mins to his house which is not far away from the MRT. He would occasionally grope my sexy & tight ass. I couldn't wait for him to finger my pussy!

His house's coated with red paint. As in red for passion. I'm beginning to feel hot over my body already. He went into his room immediately while I located his bathroom. Without notifying, I stripped myself and entered for a hot nice bath. He must have sensed it as I heard him knocking at the bathroom door. So, I invited him in for a bath with me. It's amazing to see how his hands are exploring my body. He touched my from my hair, right into my vagina. He would occationally caress against my hard nipple and I would moan softly. He then licked my breast passionately, telling me he's hungry for me. He tongue work wonders with my nipples in his mouth. I hold his face up, staring at him silently before giving him a kiss. Teasing his tongue makes me blush. He's devouring me by the minute. We stopped the running water and we don't even bother drying ourselves. He pinned my on his king-sized bed and french kissed me. My itchy hands exploring his well-built body. He moaned softly into my ears, and I licked his ears. His kisses went down slowly to my pussy. Slowly exploring my clitoris, licking the way I loved it so much. He's fingering & and licking my pussy so hard that I couldn't hold back but moan. After which I positioned him comfortably on bed. I'm admiring his huge dick, fondling his dick and teasing him. I began rubbing slowly at first. Then slowly picking up speed. I couldn't wait to taste his delicious dick in my mouth. Today would be a day full of cum. :D I started by licking his dick hole, poking the tip of my tongue deep into his hole. He's biting his lips and moaning very loudly too. It makes the Desires-ress, me, so pleased with myself.

Before he cum, I stopped. Wanting him to beg me for more. I moved towards him, pressing his chest with my both palms down. And he inserted me for he first time that day. His huge dick's ripping my pussy apart, but I loved his dick so much. I began riding his dick so hard & fast. I started moaning or rather close to screaming. Then he began moaning too. It was such a pleasure for the Desires-ress. After riding for apporximately 3mins, he doggy fucked me. He was pulling my hair in the same time. Making me begging him to fuck me hard. I've got nothing to worry if he cums inside me, my menses just ended. (: I could feel my juice dripping out fast, I'm on the verge of cummming. I hold back a lil while and we came together. He layed on top of me, panting vigiously. I turn over to face him, and lied on top of him, licking his cum off his dick. Ah, his cum sure is delicious. We spent the day surfing pornography and playing with each another's beautiful & naked body. (:

Tomorrow would be a fun X'mas full of alcohol & teasing. (: Try catching me walking around Clark Quay if you can. I would be probably teasing another guy when you caught me! *Winks~

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The desires-ress.

Say hello to the DESIRES-RESS.

I've always been viewing blogs about others' sex life. So I'm always thinking,"Wouldn't it be great if I have one too?" And so, here I am. I would promise you guys. It would be tons of licking good-licious updates from Yours truly. (:

Let's talk about yesterday. I'm meeting one of my online friends yesterday. It was kind of sexciting for me though. I could feel my pussy getting wet through my irritable menses. I couldn't wait to see him, as we've failed many meetings for a number of times. When I'm on bus 985, I recieved a msg on him. He asked whether am I wearing glasses, and asked me to turn back. I did of course, and I saw him sitting at the back of the bus. I went over almost immediately, to the seat beside him. After getting comfortable in my seat, I started fondling his thighs. I bet he knows what I wanted as he reached for my breast immediately. My dirty lil fingers run through his thighs and slowly into his jeans while I'm fantasizing how huge his dick's gonna be. I rubbed his crouch gently and I heard him moaning in my ears. It aroused me and I'm getting wetter by the seconds. We wait no longer and alighted the next stop.

We went to the highest floor of the block, and starting kissing passionally and moaning seductively. He started fondling with my breast and squeezing them hard. It's amazing to feel how his hands work so smoothly on my breast. He pulled up my bra, revealing my hard nipples. They longed for his tongue, and so he licked my hard nipples. I continued rubbing his ready-hard dick, he was getting so turned on. I then unzipped his jeans and kneel down to give him a good blowjob he deserved. Looking at his dick makes me fantasize what would it be if that were to enter my tight pussy. I started licking his dick the way I know all guys would like it. My hands, rubbing his lower part of his dick to make him sexually aroused. Sucking dicks is one of my pleasures. I love looking the way guys moan and satisfying them with what I can do. I blowjob-ed him for 5mins when he cum so thick and deliciously in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum and french kissed him gently.

And I can't wait to meet another guy I know online tomorrow!