Saturday, 31 October 2009

Chapter 1, Tip #1 -

A mere introduction of the book.

"REDBOOK'S 500 Sex Tips - How to make sex more exciting, satisfying & fun."

Make SEX steamier and sweeter, now & forever.

With these super tips for great sex, it's easy to satisfy each other, whether you're looking to try a new twist or take a hot risk. REDBOOK reveals 500 fun ways to keep the heat in your relationship. Do you want to know how to dress, talk and think in a more risque way? Get your guy's / girl's erotic engine humming? Find positions that will leave you both breathless? Try a few of these creative ideas and watch the temperature rise.

Chapter 1: 10 things you've been taught about sex that aren't true!

Tip #1
False fact: Sex should be an earth-moving, angels-singing experience.
Reality check: Sometimes, sex is just sex.

So you shot for an Oscar-worthy performance, but it ended up more like straight-to-video. Maybe one of you didn't cross the finish line, or got a foot cramp (I had this once, and believe me, it's truly a turn off. So remember to always do some lil warm ups before making love!), or had Did I take out the recy-cling? spinning through your head nonstop. Hey, it happens. The strongest couples take these off-nights in stride - and definitely don't wait until the planets are perfectly aligned to try again (Because honestly, how often do planets do that?). As a consolation prize, accept that even mediocre sex had its benefits. Maybe it resulted in a good laugh-and-cuddle afterward, or enabled you to burn off some energy and get a good night's sleep. That's worth something, don't you think?

Actually to say the truth, a bad love making session do spoils my day. Even though overall I took it as an extra experience gained, I never fail to feel bad about it. Other than the foot cramp I mentioned, there were times far worst than foot cramps. It occurs when I was giving the guy a earth-shaking BJ that every guy craved for. I always had this tlinging sensation in my gums after BJ-ing for quite a while. Normally after the tlinging sensation, I got turned off and wanted to end everything hastily. It can appear to be a real turn of for both the guy and me. So, do warm up a lil like I advised and you'll find out that after warming up, everything will appear different!

PS; Other than my own views, every word is taken from "REDBOOK'S 500 Sex Tips©". If you guys do find the English too hard to understand, do comment and I'll simplify their English in my next post.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hey sexy.

I know I know! Stop complaining guys, I know it'd been a long time since I last updated. I'm just sorting out some tips & notes to update in the near future. But as for today, I have a link to share. :)

A new blog shop opened by a friend. Do patronize ok! :)

PS; This time, I've included my FaceBook's badge.