Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Valentines' day BABY!

Aloha readers! It's gonna to be Valentines' soon! Are you guys preparing to go anywhere with your sweethearts? Had lil cupid angel visit you already? My oh my, something tells Desires-ress that you all had been bad boys & girls! As for me, my only Valentines' hope is to recieve more naughty toys! Anyone who is interested in sending me some naughty toys, will be rewarded by Yours turly! I'll personally test out the toy that you've bought for me! With you guys of course. (: Anyone who is really really interested, can email me to get my mail address to send me some naughty toys! I'll really appreciate it! :D I'm sure you guys are somewhat tempted already. (: So, feel free to email me! I'm tempted too!

Desires-ress is so in love with you guys. *Sends a flying kiss* Muacks. :D

Monday, 9 February 2009

Msn? :]

Well, I forgotten to post something very important. Many of you guys are asking for my msn. But my own msn is purely for my close friends. So, I created another one for you guys. (: You can add me at msn and catch me online! But, you guys are strongly encouraged to send emails to my gmail. It'll be easier for me. :x


I really love you guys. (:

I'm finding more spices! ]:

Aww. Another boring day for the Desires-ress. I decided to surf the net and find some interesting things to blog about. Otherwise, I'll start recieving complains emails that my blog's getting dead! Well, I found a very interesting video at youtube. I think it might be great to share with all of you. (:

It's so hilarious please! It really perks up my boring day a lil. (: And another song I'm addicted to recently, Love to be loved by you - Marc Terenzi. He's so handsome! Listening to his song, touched my heart. *Drools*

I want a man like him. ): Or rather, I need a man like him. Well, as for yesterday's post, I said I accepted photos from you guys. So far, I've only recieved 1 photo! So disappointing. Looking at the healthy number my counter is hitting, I've only recieved 1 picture! Aww. ): Hmm, updates about my scandals and experiences, I'll update at a later time. I just doesn't have the mood to update something so horny right now. ):

I love you guys. (:

Sunday, 8 February 2009

M.I.A? ]:

Desires-ress isn't finding any drive to update. Anyone spice up my life please? Well, today's the 8th of feb. Which means that Valentines' day is only 6 days away! Had my readers been good boys / girls? Lil cupid angel will visit you tonight to find it out for Yours truly! Then lil cupid can decide for me to reward who in time to come! To say the truth, I'm feeling so moodless recently at home. I couldn't find any source of entertainment everynight. So, I'm kinda looking forward to Valentines', but I'm still finding someone to go out with. Although lots of people do wanna to accompany me, I can't find the suitable person though.

Maybe you guys could give me more comments about whether to continue blogging or just quit and heck care. (:

Caught this movie yesterday. It's rather funny but too dramatic. Overall, I wasted $10 for watching this. I think it'll be better if I bought pirated VCD from Msia to watch this. *Disappointed*

Desires-ress accept pictures of you guys. Any pictures you wanna send / show me would be accepted! (: *Cross heart* I won't show it to anyone except my lustful eyes. (: (Best if it's pictures of you guys' dick!) Haha!