Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sex desires satisfied. (:

You guys know?! Single life is really really so fun for me! I love being single! :D I can go anywhere, do anything. Whatever I wanted! Just like yesterday. (: I was having my holidays now since 2 weeks ago. So yesterday, I invited my neighbour over for some fun. :x I've been noticing him since he moved in 2 years ago. Although he's a malay, I must admit that he is attactive! So well, I decided to get all sweaty and naughty with him. (:

I texted him saying that I'm alone at home and that I'm feeling oh so lonely. He rushed over almost immediately. I couldn't help but just keep on staring at the buldge below. Oh my, he's even cuter when he appeared in front of my doorstep. As I'm at my own house, my attire was kept simple. (: I was only wearing an oversized old T-Shirt with no bras and a hotpants without my undies. I guessed that he knew cos I caught him staring dreamily on my 38C boobs. So I wait no longer and invited him into my house.

He started the conversation when we were surfing some english channels on the TV. My hands never left his thighs while we're talking the whole time. And once or few times, I accidentally brushed against his crouch. Oh my, he was feeling oh so hard already! I told him that I was feeling sleepy and offered him to join me in my room. He agreed immediately and holded my hand, walking towards my room. He sat beside me when I'm lying on the bed. He started patting me to sleep. He made me feel oh so secured with him around.

I hugged his waist and leveled my head with his. I kissed him sweetly and gently. He returned my kiss passionately. He then whispered in my ears gently that he wants me. I knew I couldn't wait anymore. It's been so long since I last had someone. I knew deep down inside my heart, I need him that much too. So I climbed over him. Letting him have the full view of me while I'm stripping my clothes off. His hands are already moving around me, enjoying the touch of me.

I continued kissing him seductively and passionately while pulling down his shorts. To my surprise, he wasn't wearing underwear too! It made me feel even hotter. I began rubbing his crouch. He was moaning so softly that it's turning me on. He pushed my head down gently indicating that he wants a blowjob so badly. So, I decided to give him a blowjob that he longed so much. I was licking his dick from his balls till his dick's head. He started by moaning softly so I decided to venture more. I fitted his dick into my mouth, while licking his dick's hole. He was enjoying so much that he was starting to moan loudly. I squeezed his balls while sucking and licking his hardened dick. He motioned me into 69 and began touching my pussy. He spread out my pussy and show my clit towards his mouth.

He rubbed my clit lightly and was fingering me. It's a wonder how his fingers work on my pussy and clit. I was feeling so good that I started moaning. He said he liked the way I moaned, as it sounds sexy to him. He couldn't be satisfied with just my blowjob anymore, so he motioned me to move infront of him. And potisioned me for a nice and hot doggy fuck. I was feeling oh so sexcited! He began pounding me so hard, making those sexy "Pok pok pok" sounds while fucking me. That's the reason why I loved doggy style so much. (: Those sounds are turning me on. He's really banging me so hard that I could feel my pussy juices are flowing down my thighs. Then he motioned me to lie on my bed on my back, and continued fucking my so hard. While banging me, we were kissing passionately. I was really enjoying his tongue. He plucked up all of his energy and was giving me his hardest and best fuck for the last 5 minutes. Everymove he made, he was fondling with my breast. And after that 5 minutes, we cum together. (: And he rolled off me and ended everything with sweet kisses from my lips to my neck. Aww, I'm looking forward to his second visit into my pussy. (:

I just wanna to start my exotic sexually charged life! :D


  1. "To my surprise, he was wearing underwear too!" Guess it should be "he was not wearing underwear too"? Haha, you'll probably enjoy a lot more times since this guy is your neighbour

  2. Haha, that was a typo! :x Changed it anyway. :D Well, he's moving out soon. Guess it'll be hard for us to meet in the future. ):

  3. Welcome back Des~ And it is a great story to begin with :) *hugz*

  4. Bingo! I love what i read, and i loved even more now that there's some beat to yr life! congrats lady! oh btw, yr stronger than most pple i know, even me. the last time i got caught in a r/s shittified thingy it took me months to get back on my feet, while u just took a couple of weeks! Welcome back lady, hope we all dun havta miss u more than we should!

  5. Yummy welcome love the stories wish you were my neighbour with the last enteries hahaha. Ciao keep the blog update yep?

  6. lov it, thks 4 sharing

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  9. high five to the single life and not having a BF breathing down your neck so that now, finally, we can enjoy our time exploring things we've always fantasized about but never had the chance to do!!

    p/s - isn't it funny that we have similar pseudonyms?