Thursday, 25 June 2009


Hey guys, thanks much for all of your concerns. I'm feeling a lot better even though not yet fully recovered. Sorry to say that I haven't been replying your emails or smses. Happened so much recently that I just wanna to sit down and think back quietly. And I'm still debating with myself, thinking what I truly wanted. And the results may cause me to close down this blog, but I haven't really know what I really wanted. But I suppose, I'm just like any other ordinary girls. I know these are all nonsensical thought and you guys think that I'm childish. But to me, it may be a great break-through. From the moment once I've decided what to do, I'll swear that I'll change my life for the better.

With (L), Desires-ress♥


  1. I will support you no matter what ur decision gonna be!

  2. welcome back =)
    support you always

  3. welcome back :)

  4. finally u r back, safe n sound...
    jiayou... we will backk u up...
    even if the results may lead to a dissapointing close down of blog T.T

  5. Finally realize.. Haha.. wonder how long will you take.. ok la.. 2 years is not bad of a follower.. ^^

  6. any one can intro me some girls who wants to have sex? add me in thanks alot(: