Thursday, 25 June 2009


Hey guys, thanks much for all of your concerns. I'm feeling a lot better even though not yet fully recovered. Sorry to say that I haven't been replying your emails or smses. Happened so much recently that I just wanna to sit down and think back quietly. And I'm still debating with myself, thinking what I truly wanted. And the results may cause me to close down this blog, but I haven't really know what I really wanted. But I suppose, I'm just like any other ordinary girls. I know these are all nonsensical thought and you guys think that I'm childish. But to me, it may be a great break-through. From the moment once I've decided what to do, I'll swear that I'll change my life for the better.

With (L), Desires-ress♥


  1. I will support you no matter what ur decision gonna be!

  2. welcome back =)
    support you always

  3. welcome back :)

  4. finally u r back, safe n sound...
    jiayou... we will backk u up...
    even if the results may lead to a dissapointing close down of blog T.T

  5. Finally realize.. Haha.. wonder how long will you take.. ok la.. 2 years is not bad of a follower.. ^^

  6. any one can intro me some girls who wants to have sex? add me in thanks alot(:

  7. Wanna go Upstairs after death
    just as I will
    to get everything, dear?
    And I mean E V E R Y T H I N G
    including the most intimate, passionate,
    exquisite love making the universe
    has ever seen for 10,000+ years??
    Yes, dear, we can and will
    if you follow us
    (everything's possible withe Trinity)...

    When our soul leaves our body
    (without which nthn can exist)
    and we riseabove to meet our Maker,
    only four, last things remain:
    death, judgement, Heaven or Hell.
    And dats d'fak, Jak
    (which is exactly what happened to me:
    Im an NDE - my colorFULL nomenclature).

    Find-out what RCIA is and join
    (ya might wanna check-out
    'Lui et Moi' by Gabrielle Bossis -
    a French writer, translated;
    a wonderfull novel which'll
    ROCK, YOUR, WORLD, earthling).

    Make Your Choice -SAW