Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hey sexy.

I know I know! Stop complaining guys, I know it'd been a long time since I last updated. I'm just sorting out some tips & notes to update in the near future. But as for today, I have a link to share. :)

A new blog shop opened by a friend. Do patronize ok! :)

PS; This time, I've included my FaceBook's badge.


  1. you no reply my mail.... =(

    I've added you

    -J (know who am u??)

  2. Learning To Teach29 October 2009 at 21:50

    Finally, you are back online!

    Been following your blog quietly. Thus I may sound new to you. Wonders if we can hook up on MSN?

  3. hope can be a friend of you, added u in msn and hope to see you there:)

  4. Hey girl, thanks for joining me in FB. =)

  5. -J: I'm sorry for not replying your mail. But I've mentioned in my comments in the last post that I will only read my mails from now on and not replying anymore. :) Although I've accepted the friend requests in FB, I don't know which one is you. Lol, do drop me a mail in FB sometime.

    Learning To Teach: Hmm. I'm very sad to say that I don't use that msn anymore. Because the requests I'm getting is too overwhelming. So yea, I'm sorry about it. :) & btw, thanks for following my blog.

    Jason: Like I say, I don't use that MSN anymore. :O So, pretty sorry about that.

    Jack: Hey Jack. :) Thanks for the invitating in FB. Cheers! & do keep your blog going.

  6. hahas. finally there is an update. LOL been missing you for long time. hahas hope everything are going well for you.

  7. hi i been followin ur blog secretly, nice blog n updates u hav, i will be continuing followin n i add u on msn, nbr c u online