Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It's still the same.

I just don't understand. What is wrong in loving someone that much? I really just don't understand one bit of it. All I want to have is, having someone who loves me as much as I loved him. But it ain't coming true at all. All I got was heartache, heartache and more heartache. And all I can do is just to scribble his name everywhere that I can see. Sighs.

I just really hate it. I've totally lost hope in my life.


  1. Well, does he know that you had sex with many guys? You can choose not to reply (:

  2. oh my god anon.... how fucking much of a prick can u be? be sensitive even if u wanna get in someone's skirt mofo.

    D, ain't no pity for u gal... cuz it ain't gonna help. self pity is no pity. take a few days to wallow and mope cuz we're all human, but do stand up again. its tough but hey, it makes character. hope to read more uplifting stuff from ya again gal.

    read the poem on the cover of this. hope it helps.

  3. Jyrm, does it fucking concern you? LOL, and i don't think i'm talking to you? Such a busybody. :D

  4. Oh-what-a-bitch Jyrm :(