Saturday, 7 March 2009


Gosh, I guess I couldn't find anymore things to update or to interest me anymore. I'm just so god damn tired of everything. ): Well anyway, my friend just opened a blogshop. Hopefully you guys will give her your support ya? :D


  1. i tot the blogshop got sell sex toy lol.
    update more!!

  2. erm, recently gotcha blog frm e fren...
    u sounds so fun and stuff ahahas....
    im still a virgin though...
    but i love porns and stuffs...
    guess im desperate!!! lols still a virgin hahas update more :)
    plus hope to know u more !!

  3. chill lady. its a waste when i just got to know your blog and coincidence has it that you're swarmed with stuff. hopefully you can get it all outta the way, and treat us to some good posts! PS sent u a mail for a collaboration, do check it. TC

  4. do you have friendster ? O.o

  5. To Annoymous:
    That blogshop's selling clothes and all. Not what you're thinking! (:

    Haha. You can always add me at msn. (:

    To Jyrm:
    I've seen your mail. (: It's not that I'm swarmed with lots of stuffs. It's just that I don't feel like updating. :O

    To Keith:
    I do have Friendster & Facebook. But they're all purely for my close friends. (: So I gotta disappoint you.