Friday, 26 December 2008

The best X'mas ever. (:

Ah~ I simply love Christmas, don't you? I update only today cos' I was out the whole night. Partying with some of my online friends and pals. We were actually supposed to went over to another guy's house for a X'mas party. But sadly, his sisters took over his place and invited their friends. So we changed our plans to go to Clark Quay instead. We drank at a local pub and decided that it was boring. We needed to spice up our night. Or the Desires-ress me, would be bored to death. We agreed on playing our all-time favourite, True Or Dare. And, Beloved was there too! I couldn't stop thinking all we've done tat day.

I first spinned the bottle, and it stopped, pointing its head at me. So Beloved ask for a true/dare. I said a dare, of course. He dared my to kiss my girlfriend, which I did. I toyed with her tongue, licking it gently and sucking her lips. Although I love making out with a man, girls' kisses are so gentle and sweet. I ended our kiss with one gentle one on her lips. I spinned the bottle again. This time, pointing at Alfred. Beloved changed the rule a little, we're only suppose to choose dare. (: I love Beloved for changing it. So we dared Alfred to do light petting with Kelly. I find myself rubbing my pussy a lil while watching them. Kelly started moaning softly, while I find Beloved's hand on my thigh. He started moving up and down on my thigh. I started feeling hot & ticklish down at my pussy.

So we stopped playing at that time. I kissed Beloved passionately. I love the way his kisses are moving down to my breast, and my hardened nipples. He loves teasing them the way I loved it too. With him licking my nipples, my right hand went down for his dick while my left one's rubbing my pussy. It's a whole new experience I'm having with Beloved. I turned my face to the left, realising Kelly's face is near me. She grabbed my face for a sensual french kiss while Alfred's licking her pussy. I couldn't stop but moaning right in Kelly's mouth. Her breath smelt great. I reached down for Beloved's dick and began rubbing his dick. I could smell bits of his cum right there. So, he was leaking all along. (: No wonder Beloved winked at me just now. I lick the top of his dick, tasting his cum. Yum, his cum tasted so good in my mouth. Beloved once said he loved my blowjob. Remembering that, I began licking and sucking his dick. I love hearing Beloved moaning, I think he sounds sexy to me. (: My pussy couldn't take it anymore longer and began dripping juice all over Beloved's foot.

He wait no longer, he stripped my totally. He smiled at me before inserting deep into my pussy. I let out a seductive moan, only to seducing him to fuck me even faster & deeper. He's still so hard as ever. He began banging me so hard that I was shouting my head off. He was shouting my name when he was banging me. *Winks. (I'm feeling wet just thinking about it now. (:) This time, Beloved decided to anal me. I could feel my anal splitting apart & making way for his huge erected dick. And, Beloved cum in my nice ass. (:

My undies are wet now. (: