Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I'm feeling dead.

As the title says so, I'm sorry readers. ): I promised to update yesterday but I was very busy. Even I updated today, I don't really know what can I update. I've not had sex for 3 freaking days. ): Beloved went back to New Zealand to visit his parents. He invited me to go over too, but I just can't seem to take the time off to travel with him. Although I do fantasize having steaming hot sex in the plane's toilet with Beloved, I still can't bring myself to go. So these few days, I walked aimlessly at night on the streets without Beloved.

I reached home at about 3am. I was really feeling very tired, but I can't seem to fall asleep. I decided to lie on my bed and surf the internet. It wasn't long for my internet explorer to load some pornography websites I used to surf. Looking at them makes me craving for Beloved's sensual touch. I then went to the toilet to took off my undies & bra. I went back to continue watching the videos. Before long, I fished out my all-time favourite vibrating dildo.

I began rubbing my wet pussy and hard clitoris. They're all craving for Beloved. I started moaning softly at first, I couldn't take my mind off Beloved. I'm pushing my dildo way deep into my pussy. I'm pleasuring myself so much that I began moaning louder and louder. I rubbed my clitoris at the same time, I'm driving myself high up into the skies. I couldn't stop my hands from pleasuring my poor lil pussy. It didn't take long for me to cum all over my bed. (: And I slept on my cum-full waterbed. Ah~

I wanted to catch this movie cos' I heard very good comments about this movie. But I just can't seem to find even 1 of my friends to watch it with me. ): And Beloved is at New Zealand. Sighs~

I miss Beloved so much.


  1. blog when u free...take care
    anyway...hot entry!

  2. :D , My friend knows you ! :D . The girl you went to the wedding dinner with ! (:

    the 16year old guy ! :D .

  3. To Anonymous:

    Oh, i see. Hellos. (:

  4. Should catch Twilight , It's a cool show ! Edward's hot too :D . Heh , takecare !

  5. To Anonymous:

    I wanted to. ): But my friends have all watched. And Beloved's still in New Zealand, when he's back, I think they won't be showing Twilight anymore.

  6. Ill Watch it with you. If you want to. =)

  7. Hahas, it's okay. I asked your that friend whom I met at the wedding to accompany me to watch. (: