Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The desires-ress.

Say hello to the DESIRES-RESS.

I've always been viewing blogs about others' sex life. So I'm always thinking,"Wouldn't it be great if I have one too?" And so, here I am. I would promise you guys. It would be tons of licking good-licious updates from Yours truly. (:

Let's talk about yesterday. I'm meeting one of my online friends yesterday. It was kind of sexciting for me though. I could feel my pussy getting wet through my irritable menses. I couldn't wait to see him, as we've failed many meetings for a number of times. When I'm on bus 985, I recieved a msg on him. He asked whether am I wearing glasses, and asked me to turn back. I did of course, and I saw him sitting at the back of the bus. I went over almost immediately, to the seat beside him. After getting comfortable in my seat, I started fondling his thighs. I bet he knows what I wanted as he reached for my breast immediately. My dirty lil fingers run through his thighs and slowly into his jeans while I'm fantasizing how huge his dick's gonna be. I rubbed his crouch gently and I heard him moaning in my ears. It aroused me and I'm getting wetter by the seconds. We wait no longer and alighted the next stop.

We went to the highest floor of the block, and starting kissing passionally and moaning seductively. He started fondling with my breast and squeezing them hard. It's amazing to feel how his hands work so smoothly on my breast. He pulled up my bra, revealing my hard nipples. They longed for his tongue, and so he licked my hard nipples. I continued rubbing his ready-hard dick, he was getting so turned on. I then unzipped his jeans and kneel down to give him a good blowjob he deserved. Looking at his dick makes me fantasize what would it be if that were to enter my tight pussy. I started licking his dick the way I know all guys would like it. My hands, rubbing his lower part of his dick to make him sexually aroused. Sucking dicks is one of my pleasures. I love looking the way guys moan and satisfying them with what I can do. I blowjob-ed him for 5mins when he cum so thick and deliciously in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum and french kissed him gently.

And I can't wait to meet another guy I know online tomorrow!


  1. i seriously think you're faking everything up.

  2. hi there.can we meet up?

  3. To Anonymous: You may think like that. (: I can do nothing about it.

  4. HI desireses, i really want to meet you up baby. hoezonghuan@gmail.com is my email. i have email you an email to your gmail check it out. :)

  5. show me ur pic la to show at least it is real!

  6. Hi how can i contact u?