Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Valentines' day BABY!

Aloha readers! It's gonna to be Valentines' soon! Are you guys preparing to go anywhere with your sweethearts? Had lil cupid angel visit you already? My oh my, something tells Desires-ress that you all had been bad boys & girls! As for me, my only Valentines' hope is to recieve more naughty toys! Anyone who is interested in sending me some naughty toys, will be rewarded by Yours turly! I'll personally test out the toy that you've bought for me! With you guys of course. (: Anyone who is really really interested, can email me to get my mail address to send me some naughty toys! I'll really appreciate it! :D I'm sure you guys are somewhat tempted already. (: So, feel free to email me! I'm tempted too!

Desires-ress is so in love with you guys. *Sends a flying kiss* Muacks. :D